several roads cut in the village

The inhabitants know well the vagaries of the Doubs. Once again, the waters of the river, fed by heavy rains and snowmelt, invaded meadows, fields and certain roads.

Departmental road 332 cuts off the section from Champdivers to Chaussin. Employees of the Pernot and Baehrel companies are forced to park their vehicles outside the town, as the road is still submerged on Tuesday afternoon, February 2. The flooding of the Doubs seems to be stabilizing.

On the other hand, the water takes its level within the town. Several lanes were cut: rue des Tilleuls, where the water entered the properties. The Chemin des Graviers is impassable and an electric meter that supplies a single family home appears to be in poor condition. Rue des Casernes is also closed to traffic. In other areas, the water skims the houses.