Conzieu. The Agnin and the Acorn are at the top

In view of the last winters, many are those who had stored the boots in the back of the barn thinking that they would no longer be used, until this winter when they are essential again!

The winter rains of the last few days have been abundant enough to wash rivers and streams, including Gland and L’Agnin, out of their beds at Conzieu. The latter has largely abandoned its usual course to spill over into the surrounding fields. At the entrance of the town, the land was transformed into an ephemeral lake.

In the heat of the last few days, the snow that fell in height suddenly melted, increasing the flow of streams and rivers in the plain. At the same time, the succession of depressions brought more than 80 mm of precipitation in 72 hours, thus increasing runoff.

The rivers of the city, and more particularly L’Agnin, have thus taken on the appearance of torrents and have left their channels in some places. After several dry winters, the return of winter rainfall is good news for water tables.