Brans. An unusual construction in the middle of the vineyards

Away from the village in the middle of vineyards, a wooden cabin of unusual shape arouses the curiosity of the walker.

Anne Claude, a native of the town, but living in Canada, wanted to maintain a bond with her native land, where she returns every year on vacation to reunite with her family. To do this, on a small piece of land he owned, he had this unusual refuge built, called “l’Arche de Velle” and which really makes you think of a beached ship. The east-facing location is suitable for morning meditation.

300 working hours

It is a collective family construction that mobilized some 300 hours of work for the builders. It was Anne Claude’s brother, Paul Migeon, who coordinated the work. Paul, a former farmer, has in the last ten years become a new activity as a construction craftsman. Make different constructions: terraces, coatings, greenhouses … Always with wood as the main material.

The arch is made of spruce and Douglas fir and includes a 10m³ room on the ground floor and a 6m³ bedroom on the upper floor, as well as a terrace offering a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

Although open to nature and the landscape, inside there is an impression of cocoon and tranquility.

The door frames come from salvage. The construction is on wedges and can possibly be moved. Dry toilets complete the infrastructure. It is still an occasional base, because it is not connected to the networks.

The arch is not open to the public, except after having obtained permission from Paul Migeon, who manages it for his sister in his absence.