Villefranche-sur-Saône. EcoQuartier Monplaisir, the label is coming

Stage 2 of the Ecoquartier labeling process for the Monplaisir project has just been validated after representatives of the EcoQuartier Scientific Committee arrived in Calade, they announced a press release from the city of Villefranche.

The official presentation of this label will take place on February 9 at the end of the day in Paris, with the broadcast of a videoconference during the Webinar “Living in the France of tomorrow”.

How to apply

The attribution of the national Ecoquartier label is organized into four stages that allow all phases of the project’s life to be analyzed: stage 1: Écoquartier in project; step 2: the Eco-neighborhood under construction; step 3: Eco-neighborhood delivered; Step 4: Eco-neighborhood confirmed.

Step 2 of the EcoQuartier approach is a critical step. It allows verifying that the project leader has designed a project that will comply with the 20 commitments of the Ecobarrio Charter.

To be in the race, the local authority must comply with the 20 commitments of the Ecobarrio approach, through an online platform. The experts then analyze the relevance of the responses to the 20 commitments based on the tagging file, discussions with project leaders, and the site visit.

At each stage of labeling, experts identify strengths and propose ways of improvement, which are intended to be communicated to the project leader at the end of the labeling campaign.

Experience a new city

The creation of the Monplaisir Eco-neighborhood is an opportunity for the Caladois community to develop innovations in the ways of living and building the city of tomorrow, particularly in anticipation of future regulations in terms of energy performance and reduction of carbon emissions from construction. . The houses built already comply with the future thermal regulations (RE2020). They allow the storage of carbon in construction by integrating wood into its structure (minimum level 1 of the bio-based construction label) and use locally produced materials.

To fulfill the commitments of the label, acoustic comfort, energy sobriety and biodiversity are the keywords of this project.

Below are some examples of what will be put into operation and that will allow the sustainable development component to materialize: lighting from electricity produced by photovoltaic panels; public facilities that favor smooth modes; buildings with energy efficient bio-sources; collection of rainwater to irrigate shared gardens; collective composting …

In a few years, after the delivery of the homes and public spaces of the project, the Monplaisir Eco-neighborhood can be presented in stage 3 of the label, to confirm that the realization is in line with the respect of the commitments. , concludes the press release.

DDT services have also chosen the EcoQuartier Monplaisir as an illustration of the future Water / Air / Soil strategy of the Prefect of the Rhône.