Soon rehabbed Beaulieu Park

After extensive modernization of the castle, the municipality now intends to rehabilitate Beaulieu park in turn.

“The castle has heritage value. Since 2018, we have modernized the ramshackle rooms and sanitary facilities, as well as the installation of new lighting. The accessibility and improvement of the premises has been reinforced. Now we want to highlight the outdoor space, explains Mayor Jean-Luc Chervin. It will be improved with new signage, lighting, and pathways. Damaged, the mound of games will be redone, new games installed ”.

To respond to an environmental problem, two years ago a diagnosis of the health of the park’s trees was carried out, now extended to the entire city. Diseased trees will be removed or pruned and new ones will be planted.

The fence surrounding the park is being changed. A new entry will be created. “Cultural activities and concerts will take place at the end of the park,” even the councilor promises.

Furthermore, the City Council’s environmental policy continues with the LPO (Bird Protection League) in the Rivoire plain, where new developments will also take place.