the city attacking asian hornets

Since January 11, and until the end of the month, around sixty trees (bananas) have been pruned along RD 1498 from the old Foyer des Roses to Ratarieux. This work was commissioned by Saint-Étienne Métropole and is being carried out by the Rivoire company.

During this pruning, a nest of Asian hornets was removed. It has been empty for several months because it was processed by firefighters in November. Several dozen calls to the town hall indicated the presence of this nest. These insects are dangerous to humans with the risk of multiple bites. Unlike bees, hornets have a gentle sting that allows them to sting multiple times and inject venom with each sting. Approaching a few meters from a nest represents a real danger: a large population of hornets will leave the nest to attack a person too close to the nest. Then for beekeeping: the attack on the hives causes the death of the colony or seriously compromises the preparation for wintering. And even for the environment: a strong imbalance within biodiversity. The protein diet of Asian hornets consists of caterpillars, butterflies, flies, dragonflies and other very useful insects. And finally against agriculture: reduction of pollination and damage to fruits. The carbohydrate diet of Asian hornets consists primarily of grapes. Be careful, people are not advised to destroy these nests and even go near them. It is recommended to notify the City Council.