the state ordered to replace the dead bears

A dozen associations that defend the presence of the bear in the Pyrenees announced this Monday that they had notified the Minister of Ecology and the President of the Republic to replace the plantigrade dead in 2020 in the Franco-Spanish massif.

Since in 2020 three bears were found dead by human causes in the Pyrenees (…), we have not stopped asking the Government to proceed with the rapid replacement of these animals, in accordance with the commitment made in the Bear Plan 2018. -2028 “, add the associations.

The prevailing rule in the restoration plan for the bear population in the Pyrenees is the replacement of the plantigrade if its death is caused by man.

Without a response from the state, complaints will be filed

In November, the Spanish authorities announced the death of the bear Sarousse, “down.” In June, another bear was shot near the French ski resort of Guzet in Ariège. And in April, it is the Cachou bear, a six-year-old male who was found dead in the Aran Valley in Spain, after having been poisoned according to the Spanish press.

On both sides of the Pyrenees, the presence of the bear is criticized, sometimes fought, in particular by breeders who deplore the numerous depredations of sheep. “The president’s announcement to local agricultural officials in January 2020 of ‘not proceeding with a new introduction’ cannot refer to the case of dead bears ‘of anthropogenic cause (poaching or accident)’ as witnessed by the Leaf of Pastoralism and the Bear route of June 2020 “, indicated the associations for the defense of the bear, including Férus and Pays de l’Ours-Adet.

For them, a decision by Emmanuel Macron not to replace these bears “would give the impression of condoning and tolerating the violence of radical opponents of the bear, which has increased since his election.”

The endangered Pyrenean bear, France started a program to reintroduce bears from Slovenia in the 1990s. “In the absence of a quick response, complaints will be filed with the administrative court so that the state failure in this case is recognized again and a court order is obtained to proceed with the required releases,” he warned in a statement.