Ain. Winter persists and signs in the heights but they are announced hot

This Monday, after a sunny Sunday, which again brought a large influx of tourists to the slopes of Praille and Terre-Ronde, the dust has returned. With more modest amounts, from 5 to 7 cm, which however must not withstand the heat announced on Wednesday that will accompany the return of the rain …

This winter will be remembered with snowfalls that have occurred quite regularly since this fall. Indeed, it is necessary to go back to September 27 to find the traces of the first fallen snowflakes, at the height of the mushroom season, on the slopes of Praille, at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

October also had its share of snowfall, with 2 inches of heavy, sticky snow clinging to the leaves of trees that had not yet fallen on October 26. Nevada that made the famous saying “if it snows in October, the winter will be sober.”

After a fairly indulgent month of November, the snow returned, this time with force, on December 1, then on December 4 with about six inches that allowed the opening of the cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding tracks. Since Christmas, the snowy episodes have followed one another with important falls for Christmas, New Years and especially on January 13, with about forty centimeters of intense snow that caused the collapse of a 1,000 m² shed. production of firewood in Champdor-Corcelles.

And again on the 17th, even if the rain came in a singular way to settle and melt the snow cover.