a new butcher shop has opened

In order to bring a new activity to his business, Lionel Couriol, a certified organic farmer-breeder for about five years, was looking for a partner to start a commercial project.

This is how the obvious became evident in the person of Frédéric Ruat, a trained butcher. The two men have known each other since childhood and decided to pool their skills to create an EARL (Farm of Limited Responsibility).

Meat from your farm

The farmer and the butcher worked on their project for about a year, visiting farms and refining their wishes. Today they have just opened their own butcher shop, in a store that has been closed for 4 years.

They sell the meat of the animals they raise: beef cattle, Charolais, original Hereford or a cross between the two breeds, calves born and raised on the farm. “This breeding has been practiced for a long time on the family farm,” explains Lionel Couriol.

But to complete this activity they added the raising of pigs that they buy at 15 kilos and keep for about 7 months before slaughter. These are in a building that opens onto an outdoor enclosure. The animals are fed with products made on the farm from grains that they grow themselves.

Quality first

They sell, at retail or in boxes, raw meat but also pork processed by them. From then on, they will offer customers dry products, which they will also sell on the market on Wednesday morning.

But as Frédéric points out: “Above all, we don’t want to grow. We want to be modest and bet on quality, proximity and short circuits ”. They both agree that they are artisans and claim this title.