These acrobats create a stir by turning off the lights in the shops

To fight against light pollution, two 17- and 21-year-old Marseillais have fun turning off the neon lights of closed shops. To do this, they indulge in parkour, an acrobatic discipline that consists of overcoming obstacles with fast and agile movements.

This allows them to press the switches of the stores, placed in height, and incidentally make noise in Tik Tok.

Cartwheel to turn off the illuminated signs

At the end of the afternoon, on January 18, these teenagers are filmed doing cartwheels in the middle of the street, near the shops of Marseille. Ready-to-wear boutiques, jewelers, hairdressers … The acrobatic duo does not miss anything.

They edit the video into a catchy hip-hop track and post it on Tik Tok – instantly, the video hits the mark.

Objective: enforce the law

According to his testimony, given to our colleagues from France 3, on January 18 they met a patrol from Bac, quite intrigued by the two friends’ jumps. “We explained that we were turning off the lights. And the police said ‘okay, okay,'” France 3 reports.

The police would have let them do it and, for good reason: since 2018, the law requires that the lights in the stores are turned off, no later than one hour after closing or one hour after the end of occupation of the stores, and until 7 am in the morning or one hour before the start of the activity.