Montrevel-en-Bresse. Irrigation of the spawning area: introduction of ten pike

When the Moulin Neuf spawning ground was flooded on Wednesday 13 January, ten pike were introduced. The monitoring will be in charge of the fishing federation, in conjunction with the Semeuse AAPPMA, so that spawning conditions are optimal. The results of reproduction in the spawning area will be observable in April-May 2021, when the pike born in 2021 returns to the waters of the Reyssouze.

Creation of the spawning area.

As part of the second river contract, the Syndicat du bassin-versant de la Reyssouze (SBVR) has taken action to restore ecological continuity at the Moulin Neuf in Malafretaz. The goal was to recreate an arm that would allow the fish to cross the obstacle created by the mill. This new arm was created by earthmoving in a meadow, before joining an existing trench, which was renatured. It is permanently supplied by a structure that can be traversed by fish and with a flow corresponding to the reserved flow imposed on the mill (regulatory flow that permanently guarantees the life, circulation and reproduction of the species that inhabit the riverbed, Editor’s Note). .

Pike spawning occurs between January and March.

The operation was carried out in 2018, in agreement with the owner of the plant and with the financial support of the water agency, the Department and the Region. Parallel to the works, on the edge of the ring road, a 5,000 m² spawning area for pike was created in Malafretaz and on the Plaine tonique property, financed by Cemex.

The operation consisted of re-excavating a canal located between the Reyssouze and the river bypass. A feeding valve through the Reyssouze and a shut-off valve allow the recreation of a floodplain meadow, conducive to pike spawning that occurs between January and March. The shut-off valve has been open since December to allow the pike to return naturally to the spawning area. With the introduction of spawners by the fisheries federation, the spawning area could fill with water and reproduction could take place in the developed floodplain grassland.

The operation of the project is articulated through an agreement between the SBVR, owner of the plot, the Ain fishing federation and the La Semeuse de Montrevel-en-Bresse fishing association, for the management and monitoring of reproduction. in the spawning area.