the right wants to keep it

“It is with great astonishment” that the 34 elected representatives of the right and the center of the Metropolis of Lyon, led by their group president, Philippe Cochet, also mayor of Caluire-et-Cuire, indicate, in a press release this Wednesday , having “known the will of the executives of the city of Lyon and the Metropolis to ask” the nuclear safety authority, as part of a public consultation, “the closure of the Bugey nuclear power plant before 2024”.

“Energy independence”

A request “that endangers the energy independence of Rhône-Alpes, while the plant produces 40% of electricity consumption” without there being any “alternative to low-carbon energy production,” added metropolitan elected officials, recalling also that “this nuclear power plant is located in the department of Ain (01), and therefore outside the perimeter of the Metropolis of Lyon”.

“The company is one of the first employers in Ain”

Alexandre Nanchi, regional councilor (LR), deputy mayor of Lagnieu (Ain) and president of the joint union Bugey – Costera – Plaine de l’Ain (Bucopa) also took up the pen to point out that “the great fairing” “will extend the useful life of about ten years of the installation with maximized safety objectives ”.

The elected representative recalled that “the company is one of the main employers in Ain with 1,375 EDF employees and 600 service providers per year”, but also that the plant “pays close to 47 million taxes each year and other taxes that allow the communities to finance a series of public services and facilities ”.

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