this tool gives you the impact of your actions

“Every action counts.” The motto is simple and the concept effective. Because you may have already asked yourself these questions: What are the benefits for the environment if you share the car or take your bike to work, if you replace your old wooden insert or if you take your green waste to the recycling center? instead of burning them? What are the gains in terms of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, or energy?

Air Attitude, created by the air quality observatory in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, ATMO, in partnership with the Region, ARS and DREAL, is there to give the answer ( Launched at the beginning of the year, this collaborative platform still needs a bit of visibility (a paragliding school in the Pyrenees wins the pawn in search engines) but it has a clear ambition. “A number of our daily events have a strong impact on air quality: energy options, consumption options,” explains Eric Fournier, President of Atmo and Vice President of the Region in charge of the environment. It’s a good name for an ambition: that we continue to build the best possible air quality. “

A “gallery of good gestures”

“This gallery of good gestures”, according to Marlène Duchateau, project manager at Atmo, can be enriched by users who register on the platform. For each proposed action, ATMO experts evaluate the earnings. At the reception of the site, a general counter highlights the total profit of all the user’s actions.

The second part of the site refers to the communities. Their approaches are also considered and analyzed: genesis, profits, cost … We find the EPZ or the air-wood premium for the Metropolis of Lyon. This catalog allows institutional investors who have not yet started to receive well-received feedback and, why not, help them take the step.

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