a new bridge for RD 43 on the Roanne canal in Digoin

Since January 11, the department of the Loire has been working on the Roanne canal bridge in Digoin, on RD 43, which connects Briennon with Melay. These works consist of the removal of the old bridge that crosses the Roanne canal in Digoin to replace it with a concrete bridge on metal structures. The bridge became dangerous due to heavy corrosion of the existing metal structures, so the Department opted for a change.

Two companies contracted for the operation

It is the Bouhet company, from Digoin (Saône et Loire), which is in charge of removing the tar, concrete and metal structures and it is the RTP company, located in Ain, which will deliver the new building, which will be a mixed structure (steel and concrete) placed on new metal structures.

These will rest on the same foundations that are made with large carved stones. The width and length of the bridge will be identical (five meters wide, 22 meters long), while the height of the road will be raised by thirty centimeters.

Completely recycled old bridge materials

The Bouhet company will repair the pavement and install the curbs. Crossing the bridge will always be done one vehicle at a time and tonnage is not limited. The works should last until March 18 and the road will be closed to traffic for the duration of the operation, a detour has been established at the La Croix Saint-Paul roundabout and towards La Belle Marinière in Iguerande on the Pouilly-sous-Charlieu road . All materials from the old bridge will be recycled.

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