Rhone. In Lyon, the Saône in flood took 25 cm in 24 hours

About three meters this Sunday morning at Pont-la-Feuillée, between Saint-Paul and Les Terreaux… but above all an impressive current. This Monday, January 18, 25 more centimeters were scored. The Saona continues to rise, gradually since January 14 when it was only 2.15 meters. It’s no wonder looking at the snow that has fallen in recent days …

The Vigicrues site, the information service on the risk of flooding in the main rivers of France, explains it very well: “The spread of the flood advances downstream. Therefore, the levels are in a lasting upward trend in the stretch of the Saone in Lyon ”.

Necessary arrangements have been made

Is there anything to worry about? Not really. The Prefecture, like the city of Lyon, has already taken the necessary measures … since December 26 and the activation of the flood monitoring at the yellow level as part of the Orsec plan, in relation to the section of the Saone in Lyon. “The flood forecasting service has announced a yellow surveillance vigicrues from Friday on the section” the Saone in Lyon “at 2.46 m above the water at 10 am, with the consequent rise in the water level ( +10 cm in the space of one hour between 12 noon and 1:00 pm, that is to say, the maximum potential for the rise of the Saona.) In this same section, the surveillance suddenly changes to yellow level 2 “, explains the prefecture.

“With this outbreak, our services have taken the necessary measures to protect the population because the recession will be slow, during part of the winter. We are particularly attentive to access to parking spaces in the lower ports, which is currently prohibited, ”continues the City Council.

Alternate boats

On the Voies Navigables de France (VNF) side, there is no real concern, even if the alternative has been established. “Due to the bridges and the width of the Saone in Lyon, if the flow and flood require it, we organize an alternative passage of boats. It started up this Saturday at 7:25 in the morning. At the moment, the water continues to rise in the Saone, but less quickly than at the beginning of a flood episode … and it should stabilize ”.

Finally on the side of the boat, no more waves. They are used to it, very well tied up and the gradual rise does not worry them. “The complexity is the management of the gangway to access the ship. For the rest, it can become dangerous when the water rises above the top of the dock… but we are far from that ”, explains a boatman installed along the Presqu’ile.

A forecast of 3.45 meters for this Tuesday

For the record, with a forecast of 3.45 meters for Tuesday, however, we are far from the great floods of January 1955 (6.5 meters) on March 23, 2001 (5.59 meters) or even the January 31, 2018 (4.6 meters). …