Croix-Rousse will also have its urban garden

See you on Tuesday January 26 at Parc Chazière. This is where Rémi Zinck, mayor of the 4th district, Nicolas Husson, deputy mayor of Lyon delegate to biodiversity, nature in the city and the protection of animals, Gautier Chapuis, city councilor responsible for food and food safety local, and Elodie Trias, 1st assistant of the 4th district in charge of the nature of the city, will plant one of the trees in the new urban garden of Croix-Rousse.

An orchard that will be composed of 10 fruit trees in palmettes, 12 fruit trees of half stem, 16 vines,

60 small red fruits (raspberry, currant, etc.), of regional varieties. A garden that is also part of the creation of a series of urban gardens located on 9 plots delimited by each of the districts, which will transform 5,000 m² of lawn areas into as many nutritious areas (1,200 plants). 120,000 euros are invested in all the orchards.

Food collection within everyone’s reach

For the city council that launched the project last November, it is about educating and raising awareness – the orchards will support education projects in ecology and sustainable intergenerational development -, developing the nutritious city – these growing areas , developed and maintained by the Lyonnais, will allow the collection of food within everyone’s reach, and to develop the green network, these ecological continuities will contribute to the protection of biodiversity (habitats, food) and promote its freedom of movement.