Strablin. The Vesonne, Gère and Suze rivers under surveillance

This Saturday, January 16, a score of people gathered behind the town hall of Estrablin for the start of the river route.

This outing, initiated by the municipality’s environmental commission, of which Carole Viciana is the reference deputy mayor, was going to allow us to know the status of the three rivers that cross the city: the Vesona, the Gère and the Suze. The latter adjacent to Saint-Sorlin-de-Vienne, a city represented that day by the elected Jérôme Veyre. Elected officials from Estrablin, farmers, fishermen, members of the Living Nature association, as well as Yann Vincent, technician from the Isère Syndicat des rivières Rhône aval (Sirra) also participated.

Problems encountered in these waterways will be noted, such as ice jams, unstable or already fallen trees, wild deposits, etc. And the necessary work will be done.

Information will be sent to the riparian owners to inform them of the risks and their maintenance tasks in these waterways.