Alms. Why do fishermen drop a ton of fish in the Doubs?

Every year, at the beginning of October, since 2017, Jura Carp’Fishing in association with Gaul du Bas Jura based on the Louis-XV bridge organizes in Doubs en Dole the enduro tent for 72 hours. More than a hundred carp fishermen from all over Burgundy Franche-Comté participate in this contest. All the captured carp are returned to the water after the weighing carried out by the organization. This Saturday, January 16, the Jura Carp’Fishing association in collaboration with Gaule du Bas Jura carried out “a liberation of carp in the Doubs in three well-defined places.

A ton of mirror carp

“Carp fishermen wanted to drop carp in the Doubs, but for that we needed cash to buy them. For this, we organized a tent enduro for 72 hours and with the benefit of two years we were able to carry out our project, buy tents. This Saturday we put them in the water, in the Doubs with three very specific bays, towards the Corniche bridge, in the Assault meadow and in the Corne des Épiciers. These are three sites that we use for our enduro in October at Dole, ”explains Aymeric Zehnder, president of the Jura Carp’Fihing association. We put in the water for the first time since Gaul du Bas Jura existed a ton of carp weighing 3 to 4 kg. These come from the Jura ponds around Dole. This launch was made so that everyone (fishermen) and carpenters could benefit from it. It will be mainly “mirror” tent. We hope that they will reproduce with other carp and that in a few years we will discover a particular husking ”, concludes the president.

Mirror carp is a variety of common carp widespread in Europe. It is characterized by particular scales, which include large shiny scales, irregularly arranged and of different sizes.

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