Saint-Martin | Environment. Place your tree on the Soliman Pasha site until January 16

There are only a few days left to leave your Christmas tree at the collection point set up by Metropolis in the Soliman Pacha parking lot (Charles de Gaulle esplanade).

Acceptable: all natural trees with or without wooden base (cross, trunk, etc.), “Handicap International” bags, light brown cornstarch bags and “OK Compost” bags.

Not all other bags are allowed. Nor are garlands and other decorations collected, nor are plastic trees, colored flocked natural trees and plastic or clay pots.

In 2020, 291 tons of fir trees were collected in the Metropolis and later recovered in the treatment centers of the territory. The firs were thus transformed into compost, wood chips for gardens or fuel for wood-fired boilers.

Please note that it is forbidden to throw your tree in the trash or around the corner! Illegal disposal of Christmas trees is not only not environmentally friendly and illegal, it is also very costly for the community, as their collection and treatment are 10 times more expensive than post-deposit treatment in a recycling center or in a dedicated collection point.

Pick up until Saturday January 16 included in the Soliman Pasha campus, located in front of the school cafeteria

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