Ain. Beware of the ice on the roads of the department

More locally

Oyonnax: localized ice and presence of snow in particular in RD13.

Montreal-la-Cluse: localized ice and presence of snow, particularly above 600 m.

Fog over the Ceignes sector.

Brénod: localized ice and presence of snow.

Hauteville-Lompnes: presence of snow and fog located in the area.

Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey: presence of snow above 700 m, localized ice.

Haut-Jura and Pays-Bellegardien: ice located in all sectors.

Belley-Briord: ice located below 400 m, then presence of snow.

Champagne-Culoz: ice located in the presence of snow above 600 m.

Nord-Revermont: an ice storm above 600 m.