the underground dumpster on Boulevard Carnot will be installed on Monday

In the city, the installation of underground garbage containers continues, a project led by the Puy-en-Velay agglomeration community. Earthworks are underway in the back alley of Carnot Boulevard.

Already in place avenue de la Cathédrale but still under construction until January 29

Parking in five spaces and traffic in the back alley between the L’Arlequin bar and the Calip’so institute is prohibited until January 29. The container crane will be done on Monday afternoon. It may be worth a look.

In the same sector, avenue de la Cathédrale, the container has been placed but the improvements in the environment will continue until January 29, which translates into a narrowing of the road. Rue de Monferrant, the works were interrupted, and probably abandoned, by the discovery of networks that did not appear in the plans.

What goals

As a reminder, this new underground container system meets several objectives by offering advantages: reduction of hygiene and odor problems, reduction of risks of degradation, better accessibility for people with reduced mobility, low occupation of space, better integration in public space. ..