Food. Will we all be eating bugs soon? The EU is in favor

Energy bars, pasta, flour …

The IPIFF, European Union of Insect Producers, welcomed EFSA’s opinion, a “great step forward” encouraging “for other European producers of worms and other edible insect species” who also want to market food.

According to IPIFF, insects can be boiled, fried, dried, or smoked, and ground into powder or flour for use in pasta, nutrition bars, cookies, etc.

Insect-based products (rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, but also healthy fatty acids, omega 6 and 3) can help prevent nutrient deficiencies, and livestock have a limited ecological footprint compared to other sources protein, says the organization.

Ynsect, one of the French leaders in the production of insect meal for animal feed, has already developed “an ingredient based on de-oiled insect proteins suitable for human consumption,” it said in a press release, presenting a file to the Efsa, but also the Food and Drug Administration, its equivalent in the United States.

The company, which produces insect flour, wants to offer these ingredients for the manufacture of “energy bars that will help recovery, prepare for the effort.”