Animals. The little white tigress born in a zoo in Nicaragua has died

Snow, the little white tigress born on December 29 at the National Zoo of Nicaragua, died on Wednesday from the flu and respiratory problems despite the care they gave her, rejected by her mother and having to be bottle-fed.

“Friends, it is with great sadness that I want to inform you that today the little white tigress died”, baptized Snow (Snow), announced in a video on social networks, obviously moved, the veterinarian. Eduardo Sacasa, who is the director of the zoo.

Sick from birth

Snow was born “a little sick, with a mild cold that we fight with antibiotics. Her health improved a little, but yesterday she woke up a little more discouraged and we had to inject her with serum, give her oxygen,” explained Dr. Sacasa.

But “already early this morning, we realized that he was dying,” he added.

“A big pain”

Snow’s death is “a great pain for Marina (Dr. Sacasa’s wife who gave her the bottle every three hours) and for me because we have given her a lot of tenderness and affection,” concluded the director of the zoo, kissing the little corpse. .

The news of the birth of Snow, the first of this rare species in a Central American zoo, had gone viral on social networks. The little tigress, who weighed 954 grams at birth, came from a mother and father in the usual yellow and black coat, but the female has the genes of her grandfather, a white tiger.

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