Agglomeration of Vienne Condrieu. How do you get rid of holiday waste?

Holidays generate waste, 20% more waste during this period. Vienne Condrieu Agglomeration offers solutions for the correct use of waste.

Glass, plastic, batteries …

At the table: glass is recycled, towards the point of voluntary glass delivery, as well as plastic bottles, which are sorted and left at the point of voluntary delivery. Leftover meals don’t end up in the trash. Think compost. At home: used batteries are collected in recycling centers, but also in town halls, supermarkets or DIY stores. Don’t throw them in the trash and think of rechargeable batteries. If you’ve opted for a natural rooted tree, try planting it in your garden. Otherwise, you can grind it up and use it as mulch or take it to the nearest recycling center or in a container installed by your municipality.

Packaging, toys out of order

Cartons must be sorted, either in the yellow container or at the voluntary delivery point. To dispose of an out-of-order electric toy, drop it off at a recycling center or resource center.

What do we put in the gray bin?

But then what should we throw in the gray bin? There are wrapping paper and plastic ribbons, wrapping paper and films (chocolates, salmon), non-compostable food waste, paper tablecloths and napkins, and disposable cardboard or plastic tableware, if you haven’t opted for biodegradable.

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