snow and winter take over

After several winters with no or very little snow, the Ain has been experiencing significant rains for this 2020-2021 season for a few days. Tuesday’s day is marked by snowfall on the plains, “which should last into the afternoon,” says MétéoNews forecaster Frédéric Decker.

The snow could reach 5 centimeters in the plains and much more in the heights above 700 meters.

With warm weather, the snow will gradually turn to rain on the plain, where cloudy and rainy weather begins on Wednesday. The weather will last Thursday and Friday with rains on the plains and snowfalls on the peaks, with the snowfall limit being 500 to 600 meters.

This snow accumulated in the mountainous foothills of the department will endure thanks to the very low temperatures.

– 13 ° C in Arbent

In recent days various temperatures of around -10 degrees have been observed in Ain. We observed – 8 degrees in Bourg-en-Bresse, – 9 in Ambérieu-en-Bugey and – 10 in Sutrieu this Tuesday morning, the palm returned to Arbent with its – 13 ° Celsius this weekend, “the most Little known in the department at the moment, stresses the meteorologist.

As for whether this cold and winter pattern will settle definitively in the Ain, “the trend for this weekend is not fixed”, argues Frédéric Decker “the cold air parked over Germany and northern Europe could descend on France but not it’s safe. ”The only certainty so far: the Ain peaks will remain white this weekend.