Mixes. Fir trees given to goats by Marine Dufour

DD, the sustainable development mascot of the city of Chamagnieu, wanted to have fun with the goats and sent four elected officials to the technical room to load the dried fir trees at the point. In two hours, 30 firs were harvested.

One after another, the Chamagnolanos came to present this rest of the festivities for the benefit of Marine Dufour’s herd of goats.

Most of the donations came by car, but an eco-friendly team was noticed and congratulated, a family brought their tree in the wheelbarrow.

At noon, the well-stocked service truck drove to the farm.

Marine Dufour watches over the grain and correctly distributes this rich meal at the rate of four during the day and then the same amount at night. The beautiful full and plump forms will end with the birth between late January and mid February. Soon, the cheese season will resume.

The sustainable development commission will meet for the second and last fir harvest on Saturday, January 16, 2021 from 10 am to noon, still in the technical room near the stadium.

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