67 real kites were counted by the LPO

At the heart of a European action, the LPO (League for the protection of birds) Haute-Loire organized, Saturday and Sunday, a count of red kites at the site of the pre-dormitory of the city. Four volunteers carried out this operation. 67 raptors have been included.

Often a victim of poisoning.

“This raptor, typical of mixed agricultural and livestock areas, voluntarily spends hours flying low over meadows in search of prey. In autumn, a large number of them migrate to reach their winter quarters, mainly in Spain and France. During the winter season, at nightfall, they meet in the form of bedrooms that can accommodate dozens or even hundreds of people. Some are equipped with a GPS beacon ”, explain the specialists.

The red kite is present only in Europe. Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France, Switzerland and Sweden are home to 93% of the world’s breeding population. “A regular victim of persecution, poisoning in particular, the red kite has experienced significant declines in several European countries and in France in particular”, deplore the members of the LPO. Today, it is still among the vulnerable species in France. However, with a ray of hope: in January 2020, 14,487 people gathered in 237 bedrooms had been identified in the national territory, thus marking a new record.

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