here is the yuka waste, and how it works

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Do you know Yuka, the mobile application to scan food products to know the impact they have on health?

Here is his little cousin, Monservicedéchets, who specializes in sorting packages that are about to be thrown away.

This mobile tool for the general public, the first of its kind in France, the result of a partnership between Suez, the household waste collection service and the metropolis of Dijon, allows you to know with certainty where to throw your pizza carton, film plastic. its box of cereals, its jars of yogurt… At the moment, the application, launched at the end of November, can be used by the 23 municipalities of the metropolis of Dijon, in Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

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While consumers have understood the value of sorting and reducing waste, and the virus has raised awareness in its own way, mistakes are sadly still too prevalent.

For what reasons If 90% of French people think that classifying is “easy”, they still have some doubts, as 49% admit that they are not sure they are familiar with the instructions. In their defense, the country is not yet uniformly equipped, they are not the same from place to place, and often vary even within a department!

Thus, in the sorting center of the metropolis of Dijon, one in five receipts should not have been thrown into the yellow bin reserved for paper and packaging. Therefore, a helping hand was welcome.

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How does it work ? Like QR codes, the application, which can be downloaded from Android and Apple, recognizes the barcode on the package using the “scan” button through the camera of the user’s smartphone or tablet, and instantly indicates the current instructions in your living room.

In addition, in one click you can access a classification guide and an interactive map with the different collection points near your home (waste reception centers, shared composters, etc.), make a request to collect bulky items at home or get information. on garbage collection days in your neighborhood.

Little bonus: in the spring, a new feature called “online donation” will encourage users to donate rather than throw away and reuse rather than buy.

And for those who don’t believe in new technologies, judge instead: during a preliminary test phase conducted with 100 participants over a three-month period, the use of My Waste Service cut their misclassification errors in half.