Weather. A cold weekend before the snow came back on Tuesday

On Friday morning, the Ledonians were surprised to discover snow-covered roofs. But it is unlikely that snow will fall again this weekend in the Jura. “The weather will be dry until Monday inclusive,” says Frédéric Decker, meteorologist at MétéoNews. It’s going to be cold, the snow that has already fallen will hold without problem ”.

In fact, temperatures will continue to drop this weekend and into Monday. “The cold peak is expected on Monday, January 11, announces Frédéric Decker. It should drop to -5 or -6 ° C in the plains and around -10 ° C in the altitude.

La Pesse registered -11 ° C on Monday

Negative temperatures were recorded in the department for several days. “It was -11 ° C in La Pesse, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, on Monday, January 4,” said the meteorologist. We do not have the figures for the tourist centers in the Haut Jura, but it is possible that at the altitude it was even colder. In Doubs, the city of Mouthe registered -16 ° C on Monday ”.

The snow returns on Tuesday in the Jura

The weather will deteriorate on Tuesday, January 12 with the return of the snow. “The Jura will experience a snowfall on Tuesday morning, even in the plains. We will have a very clear warmth, it will be around 0 ° C in the plain, explains Frédéric Decker. Snow will turn to rain in the afternoon on the plains. The following days will be smoother. Snowfall can still occur above 1,100 or 1,200 meters ”.

The following days, we should no longer hear about the cold in the Jura.