recycle Christmas trees to give them a second life

Like every year, the municipality organizes a collection of Christmas trees, and this year in Place Nigay (hospital parking lot), a garbage container is available to residents for a week starting Thursday, January 7. The trees will be crushed to serve as mulch or compost and integrated into the flower beds of the city.

David Duchon, responsible for the city’s technical services, explains: “We count on the civility of the citizens to not throw anything away, we need natural trees and without flocks. The puree is made at home and mixed with other spices. Signs are posted to the garbage dump and the Croix de Mission junction to indicate the collection point.

Abandonment on a sidewalk is punishable by a fine of 35 to 150 euros

No more trees mixed with other debris in garbage bags! Natural trees are collected by many municipalities and agglomeration communities, you just have to place your tree in a dedicated space, then the thorns are crushed on site to limit transportation. This process makes life easier for neighbors and fight against illegal deposits. In the case of natural trees, abandonment on a sidewalk is punishable by a fine of between 35 and 150 euros.

The device makes it possible to return the waste to the earth: instead of being incinerated, it produces an amendment that enriches the soil.

This morning Florence from Epercieux came to put her tree in the trashcan: “It is very good to make shredded material. Some towns burn them, causing pollution. Some give it to goats, but you have to have a farm nearby. “

Protect soils and plantations from the evaporation of water and cold.

Shredded fir is used in municipal green spaces: it helps protect soils and plantations from evaporation of water and cold. With its acidity, it acts as a natural herbicide.

Another way to recycle your tree is to dry it for several months in a dry shelter, the branches can be used for barbecues this summer! If you’ve bought a potted tree, you can replant it in the garden and use it again next year, it’s cheaper!

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