Montreal-la-Cluse. The city is committed to a zero pesticide approach

Several “pesticide-free commune” signs have been posted in various parts of the city and bear witness to the desire of the city of Haut Bugiste not to use plant protection products.

Preservation of the environment and, at the same time, human health is an important issue for the coming years and the use of pesticides to treat green spaces in particular is harmful to the environment.

Several communes in Upper Bugey committed themselves

Therefore, several municipalities are committed to the approach “Goal zero pesticides in our cities and towns”.

After the first river contract led by the Sivu (Single Vocational Intercommunal Syndicat) of Lange et de l’Oignin, the municipality of Montréal-la-Cluse signed, a few years ago, the regional zero pesticides charter in our towns and villages. Several other municipalities in the sector have also gradually become involved.

In fact, pesticides are sources of pollution for the soil, water and air, hence the objective of eliminating their use but also of reasoning the weeding by practicing other methods.

Development of a weed control plan.

In 2020, the process accelerated with the development of the weed control plan. In fact, within the framework of this project, the communes had to develop one. This mission was entrusted to Écully’s Center for Horticultural Training and Promotion (CFPH), which prepared this document.

The speakers toured the city of Haut Bugiste visiting the various municipal sites for which the employees of the green spaces are responsible. Several observations, curative and preventive recommendations emerged: how to treat these areas? What materials to use? What possible investments?

Cutting techniques, brush cleaning, weeding with new methods were mentioned. Training of technical agents in alternative maintenance methods has been carried out and constitutes an important factor in carrying out this process.

This weeding plan is scalable with short, medium and long term objectives.