Loire / Haute-Loire. The thermometer is close to -10 ° C in Les Estables and Col de la Loge this Sunday

-10 ° C reached in Saint-Anthème (63)

The record for the two departments is set at Col de la Loge, on the Forez: -9.4 ° C at 8 in the morning. Just behind is the Stables station, the highest in the Haute-Loire, which rises to the podium with -9.3 ° C. Also note that the Saint-Anthème station in Puy-de-Dôme reached -10 ° C.

The wind accentuates the feeling of cold

In all other places, the frosts are marked and will last all day. Only the valleys can expect a slight thaw. Some notable values ​​with, at Pilat, -8.5 ° C at Graix and -7.6 ° C at Col de la République; -2.1 ° C in Saint-Etienne and Roanne; -6 ° C in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château.

In Haute-Loire, some remarkable values ​​also: -7.9 ° C in Landos; -7.8 ° C in Mazet-Saint-Voy; -7 ° C in Felines; -4.2 ° C in Le Puy / Chadrac; -5.4 ° C in Monistrol-sur-Loire. The feeling of cold is also accentuated by a sensitive north wind.

Gradual but restless redness during the week.

This cold weather is expected to continue on Monday before gradually warming up the following days, accompanied by a bit of snow on Tuesday. Between Thursday and Sunday new precipitations are announced, snowfalls in the reliefs and in the form of rain in the plains and valleys.