Environment. 730 fir trees will be planted in the village forest

With 38 hectares of communal forest, Moutoux is one of the forest communities that has to deal with global warming and the bark beetles that have attacked fir trees. Thus, for two plots, a logging was carried out for sanitary reasons (bark beetles), between 2003 and 2006.

“We follow the advice of the ONF”

“Free to evolve until 2012, regeneration (deciduous / coniferous) is not carried out correctly to obtain a production forest mass”, underlines Clément Malin, heritage officer of the National Forestry Office (ONF), responsible for the Moutoux sector for three years. Since 2019, there has been preparation for planting in the crusher. Last year was the planting of 2,500 silver firs (Jurassic firs). We wanted to plant 3,000, but the soil was rocking, we limited to 2,500, they were planted in the crusher lines to preserve the inter-bands to have a natural shade that retains moisture, with the aim of to obtain a mixed support (fir, maple, oak , white wood) more resistant to climate change. “

There was not a harsh winter, then it was a dry spring with wind that dries the ground and a summer drought and heat wave The fir trees have dried up and others have been victims of deer

Clément Malin, estate agent (ONF)

“The decision was made not to replant fir trees because they are no longer stationary (altitude, shallow soil that does not retain water, droughts and heat waves that favor bark beetle attacks). We follow the advice of the ONF that guaranteed us a recovery of 80% in the first year. Therefore, there will be a replacement of 730 plants ”, explains Jacques Hugon, mayor. “There wasn’t a harsh winter, then it was a dry spring with the wind drying the ground and a drought and a summer heat wave. Fir trees have dried up and others have fallen victim to deer, ”said the guard.