the “sustainable development” projects that will mark the coming months

Sébastien Arnaud, ecological transition assistant

If Sébastien Arnaud isn’t a rookie (starting his second term), he’s a new assistant. In charge of ecological transition and sustainable development, the quadra is particularly familiar with these questions: “This is my domain! Especially what is related to the management of aquatic environments. It is a family affair. My grandfather was a fisherman in Haut-Lignon. », Indicates.

After a university course (master’s in science and technology), who lives in Aurec-sur-Loire for a good ten years has worked as a project manager within the Ain Fisheries Federation and heads the SMAGL (Joint Trade Union for the development de Gorges la Loire) for ten years. “Sustainable development is a vast topic that spans several topics. I learn every day ”, he argues. And to add about the elected role: “Being in the public service gave me experience in this area. Defending projects, working as a team, it’s fascinating. A lover of tourism, hiking, fishing but also gastronomy, this father of two also has a “special attachment to the Gorges de Semène and the site of Saut-du-Chien.”