Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon. Christmas tree recycling operation

The city is organizing a Christmas tree recycling operation. On average, 5.8 million natural trees are sold each year in France. As soon as the holidays are over, we put away the decorations and what to do with the tree? “The Town of Ste Foy finished last year 1st of the 16 municipalities of the Metropolis in terms of quantity of recovered firs, 2,566 firs or 8 tons 517 kilos of crushed material. The crushed fir is used in the green spaces of the communes, it allows to protect the soils and the plantations from the evaporation of water and the cold. With its acidity, it acts as a natural herbicide. The trees thus find a second use, ”says Bruno Jacolin, elected head of roads. The vast majority of Christmas trees come from agricultural production, and not from forests as those who speak of deforestation may fear. The recycling channels are multiplying to give a second life to the king of the forests. The main producing regions are Morvan, Corrèze, Limousin, Jura and Ardennes “.

Public deposit of Christmas trees: from January 4 to 16:  Parking corner Chavril / Provincias (place Soubeirat)  Avenue de Limburg (corner rue de Cuzieu)  Avenue Valioud (opposite the church)  Place Laurent Paul  Place François Milliou  Laurent Paul Room

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