Villefranche-sur-Saône. The works of the Promenoir underground car park begin this Monday, January 11

An important charter in the municipal program to support the attractiveness of the city center, the ambitious Promenoir project now focuses on its central part, announces a press release from the city hall. Construction of the underground car park will begin: January 11 for the preparatory works, February 1 for the installation of the fencing palisades.

19 months of work

The renovation of the Jean-Moulin school crossing and the creation of the adjoining landscaped car park are now a reality. In the process, this summer the provisional relocations of underground networks were carried out. This Monday, January 11, begins the 2nd phase of a long-term project that has 4 of them. The preliminary works of the large underground car park include: the development of the two future access hoppers, the dismantling of the sidewalks, the dismantling of public lighting and fair terminals, removal of benches and baskets, installation of temporary lighting, etc.

The avenue du Promenoir is already closed to traffic; only pedestrians and residents can now use it. The entrance to the Jean-Monnet school, meanwhile, has been moved to rue Jean-Cottinet since March 2020.

Construction site closure

It is at the beginning of February when the machines will begin the disbursement of an area of ​​3,500 m² where the 189 parking spaces will be located on 2 levels (2 entrances on avenue du Promenoir: one from rue Cottinet and another from rue d’Anse) . On the surface, an emergency 28 meters long by 2.80 wide will be built that will guarantee pedestrian access to users of the equipment with stairs, elevator and public toilets. The complex will include large windows, whose transparency will give an impression of lightness to this longitudinal aedicule.

An arrangement among others

Above, the vast Place de la Liberation will be covered with checkered concrete slabs that will welcome a flower bed of fountains on the northwest side and, on the south side, the East-West section of the tree-lined shopping center in whose center the Monument to the Dead of the War of 1870.

On the rue d’Anse side, the right-of-way will still include a surface parking area as we know it today. However, next, a so-called rain basin will be integrated, destined to the retention of occasional surpluses of rainwater (Agglo site).

An operation in sustainable development mode

The City Council incorporated in its first tender several criteria for the correct execution of the site. Therefore, this includes respect for the letter of a specific site. Its aim is, in particular, to reduce inconvenience for local residents (vibrations, noise and dust, etc.) and to ensure optimal management of water and electricity. The market also has a social dimension with the requirement of 2,665 hours of work for people in professional insertion.

Finally, in terms of ecology itself, the 30,000 m³ of soil that will be gradually removed from the site to build the future engineering structure will be transported not far, precisely to Saint-Julien-de-Montmelas, to be used for backfill . from an old quarry in Ghorr rouge. This structuring team will enter service at the end of 2022; work will then focus on the redevelopment of rue d’Anse (phase 3), concludes the press release.

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