the French invited to reduce their consumption this Friday

The head of the electricity transmission network in France (RTE) calls on the French this Friday to reduce their electricity consumption while the cold has settled permanently in France (between -4 and -4.5 ° C per below seasonal norms).

He advises the French to adopt, this Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., several measures to counteract this increase.

According to RTE, this consumption will reach a high level on Friday, at about 88,000 MW. If production “will be enough, 88,200 MW, to cover all needs,” says RTE, the situation deserves the greatest vigilance. As evidenced by the map of France presented all in red on the site, moné, produced by RTE in association with the ecological transition agency (ADEME).

We must reduce our consumption to avoid any risk of cuts ”, explains one. In fact, “in the rare cases where all electricity needs could not be covered, controlled local cuts of a maximum duration of 2 hours could be organized. The Ecowatt site will provide each Frenchman with all the information in real time. to deal with the situation. “

Turn off the lights and turn down the heat

Therefore, the French are invited to reduce their consumption through “eco-gestures”. Among them: turning off the unused lights, postponing the use of certain devices, avoiding charging the mobile phone between 8 am and 1 pm and from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm as well as lowering the temperature of your home to 16 or 17 degrees in case of absence during the day and at night. For example, if all French people turn off a light bulb, a saving in electricity consumption of 600 MW is achieved, approximately the consumption of a city like Toulouse, RTE cites.

Called, the French are not the only ones capable of acting to prevent power outages. RTE has other levers such as interruptibility (stopping the consumption of industrial sites under contract with RTE) and a 5% drop in grid voltage (which slightly reduces the performance of electrical devices). The grid can also mobilize electricity from neighboring European countries. As for power outages, “the use of selective home outages could not be completely ruled out. However, this in no way corresponds to a risk of blackout across the country,” it is specified.

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