Mass slaughter expected in Southwest

The health authorities will soon extend the preventive slaughter of ducks in the southwest to try to contain the rise in cases of bird flu, the foie gras Cifog reported on Thursday.

“We have a virus that is stronger than us. New outbreaks always appear,” lamented the director of Cifog, Marie-Pierre Pé, estimating the number of confirmed outbreaks in France at one hundred, most in the Landes, but also Gers and Pyrénées -Atlantiques.

The sector calls for “strengthening the human resources of the State services in the field to accelerate the implementation of the management measures for these outbreaks,” reports La Dépêche.

61 confirmed cases of avian influenza

The latest report released by the Ministry of Agriculture, stopped on January 1, reported 61 confirmed cases of avian influenza (commonly known as avian influenza) in farms and pet shops, including 48 only in the department of Landes.

Marie-Pierre Pé evokes a “galloping inflation” of outbreaks and suspicions of contamination. We are waiting for the evolution of the strategy to fight “against the epizootic, detected for the first time in a French calf at the beginning of December”, from the depopulation strategy [abattages préventifs localisés] it’s not enough, ”he said.

It is a “finding of helplessness in the face of a virus that is going faster than us,” he added, referring in particular to the “delay” in the sacrifice due to lack of human resources between Christmas and New Year.

According to his information, a “depopulation” should be ordered relative to a larger perimeter in the Landes and “reinforced measures” should be taken in the Gers and the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, a basin that contains “more than 5 million” of web-bred for their liver. grease.

200,000 ducks already slaughtered

The French chief of veterinary services, Loïc Evain, had indicated on Tuesday that more than 200,000 ducks had already been slaughtered in France to try to contain the epizootic, and that 400,000 additional palmi-orders were in the process of being slaughtered as a preventive measure.

Several Belgian outbreaks identified in late 2020 near France

At the end of 2020, Belgium identified outbreaks of a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus on two poultry farms located in Menen (west) and Dinant (south), not far from France, and the animals were euthanized, it announced. this Thursday the health authorities.

In addition, contamination by another H5 avian influenza virus, this one “weakly pathogenic”, was detected in Dixmude (West Flanders, West), the federal agency for the chain’s security reported in a press release. food (Afsca).

“The poultry were culled in all three houses,” said Afsca spokeswoman Stéphanie Maquoi. After the slaughter of the poultry, the demarcated “restriction zones” around the affected farms were lifted on December 30.

“To date, 20 cases of highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza have been discovered in wild birds,” Afsca said Thursday. And therefore, the confinement of poultry and other captive birds is prolonged, generally by means of nets.

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