Haute-Loire. Goats recycle Christmas trees

A fashion or a collective conscience about the need for recycling? Short-lived Christmas trees seem to have found new ways to recycle them in France. What’s more, in a gesture of solidarity with the goat farmers.

As the blog Réussir la chèvre of the Institut de l’Elevage (Idele) recounts, various initiatives broadcast by the local media have flourished in some fifteen departments, including the Loire, in Saint-Martin-La-Plaine.

A collection point in Bas-en-Basset

Calls for tree donations, launched by breeders, collections created by town councils, spontaneous donations from individuals, so many ways to extend the usefulness of Christmas trees. In the Haute-Loire, in the town of Bas-en-Basset, the city council has set up, on the Boulevard de la Sablière, a fir-tree collection point that can be collected by goat farmers.

As far as we know, Bas-en-Basset would be the only municipality that has taken this initiative. The biquets, according to the specialists, do appreciate the thorns of the conifers that are rich in vitamin C, trace elements, and that would also be a natural dewormer.

Ask the breeders first

“The difficulty is that at this moment the calvings have begun”, reacts Alice Moreau, who takes care of a hundred goats at Alice’s Mini Farm in Saint-Pierre-Eynac. Clearly, many breeders don’t have the time to rush up and down to collect the trees after the holidays.

“A priori, it is growing this year, continues the young woman, but we do not want an additional workload. So why not get some? Also, they will leave two trees in my house. “

On the other hand, at the Fol’avoine farm in Saint-Jeures, we are more careful. “We limit the inputs, we can’t know how it was grown, says Anaïs Donnars, the boss. Even if we want to limit waste, in organic farming we must limit the consumption of fir trees. “

Giving spruce to beetles also means storing shrub skeletons, while waiting for them to be tied up or crushed. It makes one wonder if it wouldn’t be easier, for Christmas, to give up the vegetable tree.