Haute-Loire. Cold and snow continue to fall in the Haute-Loire this week

On Monday, the department’s highways remained white with snowfall and icy roads. If the main axes (RN88 and 102) were passable during the day, it was much more difficult in the late afternoon.

Snow all afternoon and part of the night

The weather will remain cloudy all night with sustained snowfall in the early evening and more scattered as morning approaches. MétéoFrance expects almost 10 cm of snow on the heights of Vivarais. Temperatures will drop to -9 ° C on the peaks and -3 ° C on the plains.

Tuesday promises to be less snowy, only a few flakes are expected, before the rainfall resumes in the afternoon and at night more abundant, with temperatures well below normal for the season. The situation will not improve much more on Wednesday, with a sky that will remain gray throughout the day, without expecting too much dust, but the risk will still be present, as temperatures will not rise above 0 C, even in the plain .

Freezing temperatures overnight from Wednesday to Thursday

The snow should stop overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, as temperatures will be too low (-12 to -9 ° C in the reliefs and -8 to -6 ° C in the plains). The first clearings can even be seen in the sky on Thursday afternoon, causing the mercury to rise between 0 and 2 ° C on Thursday in the valleys.

Friday and Saturday will sound like respite days, before more snow is expected on Sunday.