Rhone. Where to put your Christmas tree in the metropolis of Lyon?

Is your Christmas tree dry, barely keeping the baubles and garlands that were not pulled by the children during the month of December? It’s definitely time to get rid of it (the tree, not your kids!)

That’s good, like every year, the Métropole de Lyon is establishing a system to collect conifers after the end of the year celebrations.

Collection points in 66 municipalities

Until January 16, you can leave your green giant at one of the 19 recycling centers in the metropolitan area or at one of the 180 collection points, located in 66 municipalities in the metropolitan area of ​​Lyon.

The list of collection points can be found here.

Natural trees yes, plastic no

Please note that only natural trees are accepted, with or without wooden base (cross, trunk), Handicap International bags, light brown cornstarch bags and compostable bags marked OK Compost.

All other bags, plastic trees, natural flocking trees, Christmas decorations, and plastic or clay pots are not acceptable.

Fight wild deposits

This action makes it possible to fight against illegal deposits in the public domain and to recycle the fir trees collected in one of the two composting centers in the Metropolis.