errors in waste sorting are costly

In recent weeks, and despite the constant increase in the tonnages of recoverable packaging collected, the Sictom Velay-Pilat (Inter-municipal Union for the collection and treatment of household waste) has observed a deterioration in the classification action of citizens. In fact, more and more errors are listed in the yellow boxes.

For example, it is increasingly common to find household garbage bags, glass bottles, wood or green waste in yellow containers.

A tax-funded service

It happens to find more “surprising” waste such as appliances, debris or furniture. All these errors are costly for the community and, consequently, for the users who finance the service with their taxes.

Also, protective masks are thrown into the yellow containers. These masks should be thrown away, in a container with a green lid, to limit health risks.

Place in the container with yellow lid

All paper (mail, newspapers, magazines, directories, etc.), metal containers (cans, cans, shaving foam spray, aluminum tray, etc.), plastic bottles and jars, cardboard containers, and bricks (boxes milk, fruit juice, etc.).

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