Saint-Fons. The City collects your old trees for recycling

The Métropole organizes the collection and recycling of trees in Saint-Fons from January 4 to 16. Six collection points are established in the city: at the corner of Avenue Aristide-Briand and rue Paul-Bert; at the corner of rue de Valence and rue de la Rochette; at the corner of Docteur-Louis-Théodore-Jugnet and Auguste-et-Louis-Lumière streets; at the corner of Montesquieu and Mathieu-Dussurgey streets; in the Frison-Roche car park, rue du midi; in Place Matringe, rue des plannes. Only natural trees with or without wood base, “Handicap International” bags, light brown cornstarch bags and compostable bags marked “Ok compost” are accepted.

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