Loire. The city of Boën-sur-Lignon selected for the “Small Towns of Tomorrow” program

This is good news that the State has just registered in relation to the program “The small towns of tomorrow” and that Boën-sur-Lignon has maintained. It is a program that accelerates regional projects and concerns 1,000 municipalities, with a budget of 3 million euros until 2026.

“We need this program for the future of the municipality”

“Small towns of tomorrow” aims to improve the living conditions of residents by supporting the community in environmental areas, among others. The program offers 60 support measures, including financial aid and support from the Heritage Foundation to accelerate the renovation of unclassified heritage. It is also the possibility of benefiting from tax reductions for work in old buildings, as part of a revitalization of the territory and projects for the reconversion of urban vacant land.

As Mayor Pierre-Jean Rochette underlines: “For our municipality, this is an important step that we will be able to take as part of the beautification of the city, but also for real estate projects and to create economic attractiveness, even for tourists. We need this program for the future of the municipality and some files are already being finalized. Robert Regeffe, MP, adds: “The renovation project and the development of rue de Clermont, as well as the rehabilitation works of the old hospital, will be part of this program. Also affected will be the industrial wasteland formerly Baldini garage, as well as the Moizieux house. This help is welcome. ” The city of Boën is one of the 17 municipalities in the Loire region selected for this “Small Towns of Tomorrow” operation.

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